Ilim Group
Launch a pilot and scale your business together with a largest investor in pulp and paper industry.
Ilim Group and GenerationS Corporate Accelerator are scouting for projects aimed at creating innovative technologies and materials that can be implemented in a variety of industries
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About Ilim Group:

Ilim Group is a leader in Russian pulp and paper industry and one of the industry leaders globally with a wide geography of sales. Ilim Group has three largest pulp and paper mills located in Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions, and two modern corrugated box plants in Leningrad and Moscow regions.

The Group’s mills produce over 75% of all domestically produced market pulp, 20% of cardboard, and 10% of paper.

Over 3 mln.
The Group's total annual production volume
Supply destinations
1,6 mln.
Export volume
Can take part in on-site shortlisting

Benefits for participants

Financing to carry on your R&D
Pilot launch with further manufacturing application
Project development insights from experts in a variety of industries
Investment in project development
Pilot launch with further manufacturing application
Access to raw materials, technologies, industrial facilities to scale your project
Partnership to enter international markets
Project development insights from experts in a variety of industries

Scope of projects' selection

(with examples)
We are looking for startups at R&D or higher stage in the following areas:
New cellulose-based materials
  • Composite replacements for plastics, glass, metal
  • Biomorphic materials for medicine (skin, organs, implants)
  • Integrated composite solutions for quicker construction
  • Reinforced cellulose-based solutions for quicker construction
  • Cellulose-based food biomaterials (for people and livestock)
  • Cosmetic cellulose
  • Composites for automotive industry
  • Insulation solutions
  • Bio-compatible materials
Marginal organic products
  • Dispersion agents, bonding materials, surface-active compounds, additives based on a variety of pine-chemical products
  • Flavoring agents and their precursors from terpenic series
  • Organic derivatives of lignin, hemicellulose, wood-based polysaccharides
  • Biologically active supplements and organic derivatives based on high-level processing of pine-chemical products
  • Food supplements and products based on arabinogalactan, dihydroquercetin, and their derivatives
  • Organic derivatives for agriculture and crop farming
  • Pharmaceutics and food supplements (pine chemicals, sugars, lignin-based products)
  • Spirits and their derivatives
New types of packaging
  • Packaging with extra consumer performance
  • Smart packaging
  • Functional packaging
  • Extra-strong packaging
  • New packaging design
  • Composite packaging
New materials based on paper and cardboard
  • Functional paper (data storage, protection, visualization)
  • Multi-layer solutions for electronics and mechanical engineering
  • New specifications of paper
  • Synthetic paper
  • Extra-strong cardboard
  • Multi-layer solutions
Zero-waste timber harvesting and production. Logistics
  • Breakthrough logistic solutions (disruptors)
  • Biofuel made of forest and cellulose production waste
  • Bio-organics from waste
  • Wastes into composites
  • Waste processing into commodity products and materials
  • Monetization of forest waste
  • Selective harvesting
Digital & AI
  • AI for shortening the R&D and development cycle
  • AI for managing the developments in IT-genomatica domain
  • AI for managing production processes
  • AI for managing properties of materials
  • Digital customer processes
  • Predictive services
  • Virtual product design
  • Predictive AI technologies
  • Neural marketing
  • Modelling properties of materials
  • Digitalizing business and production processes
New specifications and types of cellulose
  • Cellulose ethers, acetates, nitrates
  • Nanocellulose
  • Product mixes
  • Viscose products
  • Dissolving pulp
  • Extra-strong pulp
Production process optimization
  • Robotization of process stages (forest, production, goods)
  • Optimization at cooking and bleaching stages
  • Use of lower-grade heat
  • Bioenergy technologies
  • Recycling energy
  • Cutting the cost of composition, monetization of all species
New sources of raw materials
  • IT-genetics, managing fibre synthesis
  • Wood growth promoters
  • Fast-wood forestry
  • Forest with predetermined specifications
  • Bacterial and alternative fibre
  • Synthetic fibre


Михаил Никулин
Mikhail Nikulin
Director for Product and Technology Innovations
Андрей Минкин
Andrey Minkin
Director for M&A and Support of Strategic Initiatives
Стивенс Джефферсон Aллен
Stephens Jefferson Allen
Director for Technology, Quality, and Production Excellence
Ирина Пирогова
Irina Pirogova
Director for Information Technologies
Кирилл Пискунов
Kirill Piskunov
Director for Efficiency and Pine Chemicals Development
Даниил Блюмин
Daniil Blyumin
Director for Development and Corporate Projects
Екатерина Петрова
Ekaterina Petrova
Director of GenerationS Corporate Accelerator
Анатолий Бородин
Anatoly Borodin
Manager at GenerationS Corporate Accelerator


till December 14, 2018
till January 14, 2019
January 20-21, 2019


1, Nobelya St., Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow